Our Mission

Our mission is to build a more welcoming community through song.

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is a non-auditioned choir united by the plight of refugees and the conviction that everyone has a voice to contribute.   We believe that it’s hard not to love people when we sing together and that all can use their voice to make the world better.

We recognize music as a powerful force capable of reaching people intimately and profoundly. It moves at the foundation of culture, forming and declaring identity while uniting us in celebration of our shared humanity. It is both personal and collective, and in it, we discover truths that define us and bring us toward a greater understanding of each other.

When we sing, we uplift one another and we are renewed in our commitment to press on amid challenges.
When we sing, our hearts unite as one and we feel a strong sense of purpose and belonging.
When we sing, we are inspired to do our part to make our community kinder and more welcoming.

We unite

  • By collaborating and connecting as a diverse group of musicians committed to building understanding and support
  • By contributing a unique collective voice to the community dialogue
  • By using music as a tool to reach across barriers to touch individual hearts and minds
  • By engaging ensemble and audience members in the joyful, collaborative experience of live music-making
  • By standing in solidarity with those that suffer and advocating for compassion

We uplift

  • By performing pieces that celebrate peace, joy, and unity through diversity
  • By building new friendships amongst ensemble members
  • By bringing fun, energy, and a sense of family to rehearsals and performances
  • By offering opportunities for people to get involved and use their voice to help others

We inspire

  • By promoting meaningful dialogue at rehearsals and performances
  • By partnering with other organizations committed to fighting injustice and strengthening the community
  • By inviting people to join in our efforts and the efforts of like-minded organizations
  • By empowering audiences and choir members to use their voice to make a difference
Tacoma Refugee Choir

Photo courtesy of Jessica Uhler Photography

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