February 21, 2018

Community Sing-A-Long

Community Sing-Along | Marcch 10, 2018

This event produced by the Tacoma Refugee Choir will be emceed by Grammy winner Wanz and feature The Voice’s Stephanie Anne Johnson, Caleb Jermaine and Jordan and the SunKings in a special night that aims to unite community and empower attendees to raise their voice for the community.  This night is about celebrating the contributions we all can make and recognizing that everyone has a voice in making our neighborhood safe and kind for all who call our community home.

The program will feature a wide variety of songs that are positive, upbeat and encourage us to support one another.  Those songs include Happy, Lean on Me, Over the Rainbow, and much more.

We invite you to attend this free event made possible by grants from the City of Tacoma and the Tacoma Arts Commission.  Doors will open at 6:30 and seating is on a first come basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are we singing?

Songs planned include:
I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
Everyone Has a Song
Lean on Me
Let it Be
Over the Rainbow
I’ll Cover You
Everyday People
Love Train

Why are we singing?

Every known culture on Earth has a musical tradition and it’s likely that it has a greater impact on us all than we often realize.  Singing can be a powerful motivator, a mood changer, a unifier, an influencer, a memory recaller, a society changer and so much more.

If you need more reasons to do more singing, consider listening to the Why We Sing podcast, hosted by Tacoma Refugee Choir conductor Erin Guinup.  Available at iTunes and http://whywesing.libsyn.com.

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