Eveyone Has A Song

Eveyone Has A Song

Everyone Has A Song - Tacoma Refugee Choir Sing-A-Long November 4th at Lincoln HS, Tacoma, WAThis song was inspired by 1985’s “We are the World” to encourage the community to come together in support of one another and to remind us that we can all make a difference. We believe that it is hard not to love people when you sing together and we hope this song will encourage people to raise their voice for their community.

Singing reminds us that our voice can help people around us feel safe, accepted, and loved. Singing together elicits powerful neurological and physiological responses in the body that modulate our mood, motivate us to action and engender trust. Every known culture on earth has a music tradition and music is rightly called the “International Language.” We aim to harness its unique power to positively contribute to conversations and to strengthen our community for all residents.

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Joined by an all-star line-up of Tacoma-area recording artists (Grammy winner Wanz, Grammy nominee QDot, The Voice’s Vicci Martinez, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Nalini Krishnan, Jason Kertson, and Emily Randolph, and Caleb Jermaine, Torbjørn, and The Rogue Pianist), this song is part of an effort by the Tacoma Refugee Choir to build bridges through singing together.

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